Success Profiles Radio 06/07/21 show

Charlie Bailes IV was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He is a top executive running a nine-figure family owned business called ABC Fine Wine & Spirits. As VP of Human Resources and Internal Distribution, he oversees 126 stores in Florida and over 1600 employees.

We discussed how he started in the warehouse and worked his way through the company to his current position, how the business grew to be so big, how to hire top-level talent, the importance of having a succession plan, and the differences between running a small team vs running a large company.

In addition, we discussed his company's three main core values, how he uses core values to make hiring decisions, how to know when to build the hierarchy of the company and start hiring managers, and what makes a great leader.

Finally, we talked about why businesses fail, what public companies can learn from family-owned companies, valuing people over profits, and the importance of health and fitness. You can hear the show on iTunes and also at

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