Success Profiles Radio 02/07/22 show

Brenda Neckvatal was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. She is an award-winning HR professional, has worked for five Fortune 500 companies, and has consulted nearly 500 small businesses and C-Suite leaders.

We discussed the power of having the right network when she told me that after leaving a job and making two phone calls, she replaced her income 100% very quickly. We also talked about the commonalities within the five Fortune 500 companies that she worked for, and the biggest misconceptions that people have about HR departments.

In addition, we talked about how HR departments can actually help companies save a lot of money and drive the bottom line, the importance of core values, and the value of documenting everything you do in your company.

Finally, we discussed what to do when an employee asks to get paid early a lot, what she learned by working with Navy SEALS, and the most influential networks she has ever been involved in. You can hear the show on iTunes and at

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