Success Profiles Radio 04/04/22 show

Timber Barker was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He is the CEO and Founder of Boom Interactive. One of their offerings, Bubbles, uses patented technology to read floor plans in seconds, then extrudes them into a 3D editor which can create blueprints through augmented reality in real-time.

We discussed his previous career as a video game developer, then how he decided to leave Corporate America and start his own business. He also has a background as a curriculum designer in the technology world.

We talked about the possibility of social media sites being 3D in the future, making 3D design accessible to the general population, what the future of this technology in the Metaverse could look like, the challenges in getting a patent, and hiring the right team.

Finally, we discussed his passion project, Sneak On The Lot, which is a filmmaking school for young people to encourage them to creatively express themselves through film and the arts. We also talked about his favorite productivity tips, and what to say yes or no to. You can hear the show on iTunes and also at

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