Success Profiles Radio 04/18/22 show

Jefferson Rogers was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. After battling alcohol and substance abuse, he got sober in 2018 and started his business, JKR Windows. He has grown his company from 0 to $30 million in revenue in that time frame. He has since been following Grant Cardone and adopted his ALL-IN approach to growing his business.

We talked about when to hire, the daily routine of a multi-million dollar business owner, the importance of writing down goals, what stops people from making $1 million per year, and how having integrity has changed his life.

We also discussed how to overcome insecurities, how to choose the right mentors for you, and how he has invested 100K to be in a mastermind.

Finally, we discussed minimizing distractions, the importance of having systems in order to scale a business, his ALL-IN podcast, and his favorite productivity tips. You can hear the show on iTunes/Apple podcasts and at

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