Success Profiles Radio 04/25/22 show

Bennett Maxwell was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He is the owner of the cookie company Dirty Dough, which he bought as a single store company. He has now sold 57 stores to franchisees and has tied his business to Cookies For A Cause, a nonprofit focused on mental health education in K-12 schools. He also grew and sold a solar company in 18 short months.

We talked about how The E-Myth changed his life, how his business stands out in a crowded industry, the pros and cons of buying an existing business versus starting your own, how to know if your business is franchisable, how he sold a lot of stores so quickly, and what a buyer's experience for purchasing a franchise might look like.

We also discussed attaching a business to a cause, the power of taking action fast, the greatest challenges he faced while building his organization, and the best action he DIDN'T take.

Finally, we talked about his best productivity tip, training his mind, and what to say yes or no to. You can hear the show on iTunes/Apple podcasts or at


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