Success Profiles Radio 08/01/22 show

Kris Whitehead was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He is the founder of Think To Succeed, New England Custom Remodeling, and ICONIC Alliance. We talked about developing mental toughness, his criteria for picking the coaches that he hires, the greatest leadership lesson he has learned, and what it means to be ICONIC.

We also talked about his book Becoming ICONIC, the purpose of fear, giving ourselves permission to succeed, and his top core values.

In addition, we talked about the mental game that goes with building a $1 million business, his favorite productivity tips, the importance of gratitude, and the origin and meaning of his slogan "see ya in the trenches".

We discussed a lot more on the show. You can download and subscribe on iTunes/Apple podcasts, as well as

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Success Profiles: Conversations with High Achievers Volume 2

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