Success Profiles Radio 01/30/23 show

Nick Gray was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He is the author of the book, The 2-Hour Cocktail Party: How to Build Big Relationships with Small Gatherings. His goal is to teach people how to host small parties to meet friends, dream clients, and business partners. He has also sold two businesses for over a million dollars and has given a TEDx talk.

He has hosted hundreds of these parties, so we discussed why we should host a 2-Hour cocktail party instead of a networking meeting or dinner party, as well as when and where to host parties for maximum effect.

In addition, we discussed the planning and preparation for these parties, and well as best practices to make these parties more engaging.

Finally, we discussed after-party follow up and staying connected with guests going forward. To hear more about how to plan and execute 2-Hour cocktail parties to build business connections and friendships, you can listen on Apple Podcasts/iTunes, or you can hear it at

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