Success Profiles Radio 07/10/23 show

Dr. Michael Turner was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He is a graduate of Stanford University, Harvard Medical School, and The Mayo Clinic and has treated over 10,000 patients since 2009. He practices Integrative Medicine in his own national concierge practice, providing personalized approaches to help people achieve their optimal state of health. He helps people with things such as hormones, sleep, recovery, nutrition, supplements, and exercise.

We discussed how he passed the Navy SEALS fitness test, how to know if your doctor is right for you, how to achieve peak performance after age 40, boosting testosterone naturally, and brain health.

In addition, we talked about which supplements are best to take for brain health, the value of taking probiotics, getting better sleep at night, managing dementia, and improving mental focus throughout the day.

Finally, we talked about intermittent fasting and corporate wellness programs. You can listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts/iTunes, or you can listen at Success Profiles Radio | Live Internet Talk Radio | Best Shows Podcasts (

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