Success Profiles Radio 09/16/19 show

Oleg Lougheed was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He started a venture called Overcoming Odds with a mission to help others live a better life despite their hardships and misfortunes. He also has a podcast and he has spoken on the TEDx stage.

We talked about how he was an orphan at 9 years old living in Russia, then was finally adopted by a family in the United States when he was 12 and not knowing English. We talked about the value of asking great questions, the power of discovering and owning your story, finding your uniqueness, and the importance of never saying "can't".

In addition, we talked about why people give up and why he didn't, how to discover your genius, how he got on the TEDx stage, and how he has leveraged that to build his business. We also talked about his upcoming book "The Genius Within Us", as well as his live events that he does all over the US.

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