Success Profiles Radio 09/18/19 show

Brandon Adams was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He is an Emmy® award winning producer, as well as a podcaster, speaker, inventor, advisor, crowdfunding expert, and media expert. He is also a co-host and Executive Producer of the TV series Success In Your City, a show on a mission to redefine the meaning of success.

We discussed crowdfunding, the importance of having a team, and developing a championship mindset. We also talked about how the idea for Success In Your City came about, and everything that goes into filming and producing it.

We also talked about the challenges in finding distribution for a TV show, creating a live event to promote the premiere of the first episode, and what goes into being nominated for an Emmy award (which he and his wife won!)

Finally, we also talked about what it takes to create a memorable brand, as well as his role in the movie, "Think And Grow Rich: The Legacy". We talked about so much more in this episode. You can subscribe to the show on iTunes, or you can listen to any episode at



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