Success Profiles Radio 10/21/19 show

John Toublaris was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He is the author of the book "Unleashed: Secrets To Break Through The 11 Mindset Barriers To Dramatically Increase Your Real Estate Sales Today". He is also a real estate sales and mindset coach.

We discussed how he dug himself out of his rock bottom moment which was being in 120K of debt, the importance of having coaches and mentors, and how to create a powerful mindset. We also talked about overcoming complacency and procrastination, eliminating toxic environments, and conquering the fear of rejection.

In addition, we discussed how he started coaching real estate clients and how he helps them increase sales, how he started his speaking career, and how he has used his book to leverage opportunities in his business.

Finally, we talked about the importance of masterminding, what has surprised him in his journey, how he connects with high level people, and much more. You can subscribe to the show anytime on iTunes. You can also listen to any episode at


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