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WiseHealth for Women Radio - What do you dream about?  Sing about?  Tuck away for tomorrow?  Let's talk about it with captivating guests and topics covering the obvious to the things-you-seldom-think-about, but all which make women unique.  

Are you your best version of you?  Women are overtasked daily, and true wellness covers eight elements that combine to the immediate world you inhabit.  Let's talk about topics from financial wellness to the obvious health and nutrition topics, ways to be creative, and ways to be still.  Who surrounds you and how are you encouraged?  Women communicate in unique ways and we can celebrate our various approaches, and provoke fresh thoughts you may have once considered.  What are you holding back from and why?

If not today, then when?  Be your best possible healthy self and join us Tuesdays at 11am ET for WiseHealth for Women Radio!



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Yvonne Morrison of New Zealand s a financial coach who fully understands many factors influence our beliefs and habits about money; sharing "gold" in this show.  Money is not only currency, but it also reflects dreams, trust inside a relationship, and choices.  How do you plan for the future and appreciate today?  Do you fear opening the bills?  Are you familiar with Financial Infidelity?  Yvonne provides wisdom and options without judgment, and advises women to be wise about their finances. More information may be found at:

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WiseHealth for Women Radio Host:  Linda Kreter

Linda Kreter is a serial entrepreneur with companies involved in clinical drug development, marketing, advertising, veteran caregiver advocacy, peer connections and augmented communications.  Linda is host of the successful show, Military Network Radio, reaching 1,000,000 listeners each month. 

Linda has reinvented herself many times due to circumstances both wanted -- and unwanted.  Most woment have also, and after 45, we are often given the opportunity to grow into who we wanted to be - or enhance parts of our lives that make us happier.

WiseHealth for Women Radio is outreach to women over 45, who are seeking to balance the seasons of their lives and create the best possible version of themselves.  Today's women are pressed daily to give more, learn more, and be more, often at the expense of mind, body, and spirit.  

On WiseHealth for Women, with interesting and intriguing guests, we'll focus on the basics of health, but mostly on the ways amazing women find new ways to flourish.  This is an exciting time of life and women are incredibly resourceful and resilient.  We give you tools to thrive better together!