Cool, Fun & Free BOOK Promotional Tools for Publicity Hounds Show Nov 14, 2014

When it comes to free tools to promote yourself and your books, The Publicity Hound knows them all. Publicity expert Joan Stewart will share some of the best free online tools she has discovered this year for promoting events like book signings, letting people know where how to find you on the social media sites, and making it easy for YOU to find other people.     

You will learn:


  •  How the hashtag has become one of the most powerful search and publicity tools on the planet
  •  A tool that "grades" headlines you've written and help you improve them, right on the spot.
  •  A fun tool that lets you create a video of your Twitter profile and tweets, in just a few minutes.

And as always, so much more.


Another terrific program on Author U - Your Guide to Book Publishing.


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