Author Websites--What Works for 2014 Show 2-6-2014

What author doesn't need a website? None in our opinion. Your website is more than just a business card. It's the portal to your publishing empire. And to you, as the author.

  • What author websites need and others don't.
  • How to create opt in options to gather names.
  • Tricks and Tips to engage the visitor.
  • Learn the MUSTS and MUST NOTS for every website.
  • Branding on websites are critical.
  • What homework you need to do before you start on a website.
  • How to identfy professionals to work with.
  • All this and much more ... 

A fast hour is coming with guest Amber Ludwig, the founder of NGNG (No Guts, No Glory), the creator of hundreds of Author Websites and Book Launches. She and her team create customized websites that glisten in the midst of most.  You don't want to miss this hour on Author U - Your Guide to Book Publishing. 

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