Ingram Spark --Just the Facts!

Options for authors continue to evolve. Last year, the granddaddy of wholesales, Ingram jumped into the full force of self-publishing with IngramSpark. Using the POD format, and of course the more upscale Lightning Source quality of printing over what Amazon delivers via CreateSpace iffy quality of printing. Here's the facts with the voice who manages IngramSpark that you should hear and understand in the As the Self-Publishing World Turns.

 During the hour, Manager Robin Cutler will--

  • ID exactly what IngramSpark is and how it works.
  • the cost factors.
  • How to infuse color within the books interior for nominal costs.
  • Tricks and Tips you havent' thought about.
  • All this and much more ... 
  • You don't want to miss this hour on Author U - Your Guide to Book Publishing

Robin Cutler is the Independent Publisher Manager - IngramSpark At Ingram she leads a team assisting independent publishers in making their content available to retail partners throughout the world. Formerly Ms. Cutler was vendor manager at CreateSpace, served as CEO of Summerhouse Press and was Assistant Director of USC Press. 

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