Is Your Book a Movie? Show 6-12-2014

Is your book something that the TV fans will gobble up ... or even for the big screen? Today's show is all about conversion... how do you transition from author of a book to one that has a book make into a movie or land on the TV screen? with Judith today is Philippa Burgess, who was with ICM for years and is current writing a book just for authors on how to create the bridge and leap into filmland! They will cover:

  • What agents are looking for.
  • Key questions to ask when negotiating a screen deal.
  • How to research who the main players are.
  • Tips and Tricks for Fiction and NonFiction authors.
  • How to become a screenwriter, if that's your dream.
  • And so much more.

Don't miss this show ...another high-content hour with Judith Briles, author of Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms

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