Creating Videos: For Author, Books, Projects Show 10-2-2014

Videos are a critical component to any author's online presence. The questions: What videos are on your website?, What videos are in your social media outreach? and What videos are you using to support both you and your book? become critical in your overall Game Plan.  Today, on Author U-Your Guide to Book Publishing, Judith will deep-dive into what's what in videos today with Producer Susie Scott.

Susie has built on her degree in Journalism/Documentary Film along with many years of experience in the television/radio/film/broadcast world -- from the part-time evening receptionist for a local station, to the owner of a 14 year success story with i25productions, inc.


  • Your take-aways include:
  • How to create a budget for videos from multiple levels.
  • How to NOT let your videos look like they are a shaky-am production.
  • How to use videos in book promotion.
  • What are the key components of putting a video together.
  • Is any video better than no video?  “Done is better than good.”
  • What works for you, your product and positioning.


And, as always ... much more.

Another great hour with Dr. Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd and CEO of 

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