The Latest in CrowdFunding for 2015 Show 1-22-2015

No matter how much you think you need to publish a book--surprise, you may need more. The world of crowdfunding keeps changing for authors. Back again is the amazing Amanda Barbara, bringing AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing listeners a wealth of information on insider tips and tricks to be successful with a campaign. Today, you’ve struck gold. Her motto is: Pubslush is not successful if you aren't successful. I love this attitude.

Amanda is the CEO of PubSlush, the #1 crowdfunding site that is dedicated to authors and their books. She is an advocate for all things crowdfunding in the publishing world; speaks frequently at publishing conferences; and is a philanthropist at heart--serving on a variety of boards for children's literacy and the PubSlush Foundation. 

Join us for a compelling conversation, where you’ll hear all about:


  • What the key changes in crowdfunding for the author are in 2015.
  • Why Pubslush is different from everyone else and why you should care.
  • How to create the right rewards for your crowd.
  • Tips on how to entice your supporters.
  • How to market your book pre-publication.
  • How to develop an author-reader relationship.
  • How to launch your book with a bang.
  • What's new with book and buyer fulfillment.


And, as always … much more.  Another terrific show is coming your way with Author U - Your Guide to Book Publishing and Dr. Judith Briles, your Book Shepherd.


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