3.24.15 Great Surprises Come in Small Packages

Great Surprises Come in Small Packages

Yes, so often the most precious gifts are those that arrive in the smallest of boxes! This is so true of the tiny creatures that roam our planet sharing their gifts freely and with love ... ladybugs and butterflies are 2 of my favourites.

On this week's show we discover some of the incredible wisdom they have to offer:

-How to lift ourselves from despair to a tiny glimmer of hope ... and beyond

-How I find true joy and peace

-How to move forward with life when our wings lie broken in a pool of tears

-Sometimes the greatest gift I can give myself, is time to rest in the stillness, and listen to the still small voice within     

Congratulations to each and every person who has managed to listen in and put into action all that we have been chatting about over the past 5 weeks ... today we complete the 6th week of the series devoted entirely to the guidance and mentorship you can have by simply connecting to Mother Nature on a daily basis! So much to take in, and so much to put into action! Please understand that all of these steps may take 6 months for some and 6 years for others ... and wonderful thing is ... the outcome will still be the same. So work at your own pace and never compare your journey to someone else's ... this never works! Each of us grows in different ways at different times, and if this was a race, I know I would be right at the back of the field! LOL

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