6.9.2015 Matters of Mind & Heart 1: The Power of a Single Thought

Matters of Mind & Heart 1: The Power of a Single Thought

Today's Note to Self ~Remember today as clouds of thought float in, to choose only those that bring me closer to my dream~

When thinking about my next series of Radio shows, I always ask to be guided as to what would be of help in assisting people to realise their heart's desires, and this week has been no exception. As I spent time in contemplation, nothing seemed to be falling into place ... that is until last night when Bill and I happened to sit down and watch the movie ‘Invictus'. I am sure many of you have seen this amazing movie and have cried a few tears of happiness at the inspiring ending. I am also sure that many of you also shed tears of hope and inspiration shared by a man who dared to bring together his mind and soul, and then place this union fairly and squarely within his heart ... a heart filled with a love that encompassed an entire nation of people and the world.

A truly extraordinary story of an extraordinary man, Nelson Mandela! I have watched this movie many times and am still overcome with this man's ability to forgive and to love unconditionally.

So, this week I would like to begin a series of shows based around Matters of the Mind and the Heart! It is so easy to get bogged down in the challenges and struggles of life, and I completely understand this concept. We get so caught up in survival mode that we literally cannot see anything but making it from one day to the next and dropping deeper and deeper into a place where there doesn't seem to be a way out. Well hopefully over the next few weeks, I can help you find the ladder so you can not only climb your way out, but also climb your way to the stars where your dreams await you. I just can't wait to share with you some ideas that can help you do exactly that ... ideas that I learned in my journey of lifting myself out of the quagmire and into living life to the full! To do this, I am going to be asking you to stretch your mind and heart into new understanding of certain concepts! Now, even if you have heard some of this information before, I would love for you to listen again! Listen for new understanding that can take you to new and exciting realms.

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