8.18.15 Metaphysics 5: 60 Minutes of Magnetism

Metaphysics 5: 60 Minutes of Magnetism

If you are regular listener to these shows, you already know that I am truly passionate about helping others to Re-Define, Re-Invent and Re-Build their lives for happiness and success! Well, today is no exception! This week I want to chat about some of the ‘must do's' to achieve fabulous results towards this end. What are the things that we can be doing on a daily basis to ensure that we create the happiness and success that feels perfect for us ... not what others would perceive as what we need.

I am not only going to go through the daily practical steps that will have you whizzing into happiness and success, but I am also going to share with you the practices that, if you are not doing, can hold those amazing outcomes from becoming a reality in your life. This is definitely a ‘MUST LISTEN'! If you can tick these off on a daily basis, then you had better get yourself organised and begin planning the celebration party because those goals and dreams will be flying in on jet wings.

So yes, I will begin by sharing with you the daily Metaphysical 60 Minutes of Magnetism, and then we will move into the checklist of essential ... what I call ... ‘understandings' of Metaphysics. Each of these are necessary if you want to be celebrating that feeling of absolute happiness:

  • Trusting in the process
  • There is never the need to rush
  • Giving of your best in every situation
  • Having fun
  • The creative plane

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