9.29.15 Alchemy 5: The 7 Steps to Golden Success

The 7 Steps to Golden Success

The 7 steps to Golden Success - what other type of success is there when we are talking Alchemy? LOL Yes, we want to be able to enter our very own personal laboratory, turn up the heat on our goals and dreams, and use alchemical techniques to help us transform whatever it is that we wish to transform creating golden outcomes.

I mean, is this really possible and if it is, how do we go about it? Well most definitely, yes it is possible, and all we really need to do is follow the 7 principles explained on the Emerald Tablet. Now if they are a little too complicated to decipher, then we can just follow the 7 steps laid down by the alchemist of old. These 7 steps are still extremely relevant for today's modern world. Now I know from personal experience, that even though this all seemed quite straight forward, we often need a little help not only in figuring out what each step means, but we also need help figuring out where we are in the process ... are we already in the middle of step 1, or have we already moved to step 3, or have we not even got out of the blocks as yet!!! So what I thought I would do today is give an explanation of each step, and what it may look like if we are in the midst of it.

So today I will look at:

  • The 7 step transformative process for the 21st century
  • What each step might bring you from a personal perspective - the struggle and the joy
  • Help you decipher where you are at within the 7 step process - you may be closer to creating your golden outcomes than you think!
  • What you can do to speed up the process of change

More at www.geraldineteggelove.com Also available on Itunes.

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