Christmas & Metaphysics 3: How to Light Up Your Christmas!

Christmas & Metaphysics 3: How to Light Up Your Christmas!

For this week's show, I thought I would share with you a few of the metaphysical meanings around Christmas. This helps us to understand at a deeper level all that we celebrate and the symbolism that it holds. Metaphysics also often answers those long sought after answers to questions we have had for a very long time but have not really known where to go to find them. The metaphysical symbolism around the Christmas season is simply amazing and I know that for me it explained so many things and cleared my mind of the whys and the hows etc.

I hear so often from those I chat with that they would love to add more meaning to their Christmas celebrations but are not sure how to do this. Sadly, for many, Christmas has lost its true meaning and has become a time of craziness! What do I mean by this? Well, running around spending money on gifts that supposedly bring happiness, going to Christmas parties that we feel are a must to attend, stressing over the cost of the food let alone the buying of presents, and trying to put out the fires of old family feuds that seem to rare up at this time of the year. And this is often just the tip of the iceberg!

So if you are looking to experience a far more meaningful celebration this year, then I have a question for you to contemplate: how is your Christmas shaping up and have you spent any time at all in the ‘busyness' of the season to contemplate the why and the what of the season? Why do we actually celebrate Christmas? And what does it mean for you in your life? Well hopefully, I will help you find answers to these questions during our time together today as I share with you from a metaphysical point of view:

  • Why do we celebrate Christmas?
  • What importance does Christmas hold for us in today's world?
  • The metaphysical meanings behind the people, the story, the symbols and the traditions of this magical time we call Christmas.

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