Rediscovering Your Unique Giftedness 2: Living Proof

Rediscovering Your Unique Giftedness 2: Living Proof

On this week's show, I have 2 beautiful guests to chat with ... Sherri Cincotta and Elissa Plumridge. I don't have a great number of guests, but when I do, well you can be assured that they have something very important to share. These 2 amazing young women have grabbed hold of life with both hands and are really helping our planet make its shift into our New Great Age. How? By living their unique giftedness in fabulous ways! As you know, this series is all about finding our one of a kind brilliance and then stepping into with both feet so as to love what you do and do what you love.

These 2 young women from have an inspiring journey to share and a wealth of wisdom that can truly help you to set your world alight.

Elissa Plumridge:

Combining her skills and competence as a professional educator with her own personal life experiences of living ASD (Asperger's) and the parenting of children on the spectrum, Elissa is afforded full credibility as an expert in her field. Her passion is in the ongoing development of programs and supports for people with social, communication and emotional challenges (specifically Autism Spectrum) and her distinctive approach has seen increasing demand on her expertise as a professional consultant and workshop presenter. Having devoted many years to researching and trialling innovative ideas around supporting people of all ages on the spectrum, Elissa is achieving enormous success in the education and mentoring of all who are associated with ASD through the pioneering of unique systems and strategies-particularly in the area of social skills. Her work is naturally infused with her own insight, compassion and understanding, which comes instinctively through teaching what she lives.

Sherri Cincotta:

With the wisdom and experience of over 25 years teaching, Sherri's specialty and passion lies wholeheartedly in Autism education and mentoring. Her approach is extremely practical and ‘down to earth' and her expertise is sought by professionals, families and community groups alike - a true testament to her comprehensive knowledge and skills. Sherri's practical insights are drawn not only from her extensive work in ASD but also from her invaluable experience of parenting three children on the Autism Spectrum.  Sherri's post graduate studies (majoring in autism) focused on AAC and also saw her    investigate literature and supports relating to social skill development. In recent years, Sherri helped establish and lead an Autism Parent Support group in Northern Victoria (including role of chairperson) as a passionate volunteer, providing positive mentoring for families living with autism. She is a true gem in her advocacy and support of people on the spectrum.

To discover more about Elissa and Sherri:

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