Rediscovering Your Unique Giftedness 4: A Healing Pathway

Rediscovering Your Unique Giftedness 4: A Healing Pathway

Mother Nature is the most wonderful mentor and guide ... she lives within the Unity consciousness that we are all trying to access at this particular time in our evolvement as individual beings and as a planet. In truth, the only thing that keeps us from embracing wholly this new awareness or state of consciousness, are the emotional upsets that we have encountered, and held onto within our journey of life.

Living our unique giftedness also plays an essential role in our being able to make the jump from where we are right now to where our heart is pulling us. Quite often it is in the setting ourselves free of all our emotional ‘stuff' that we are led to finding and embracing our unique giftedness. Today's show brings us to our 4th week in a series of 5 shows around rediscovering our unique giftedness and living it, and I have a fabulous guest that I would love to introduce to you who has done exactly what I have just been talking about. Rosie Banyan is an amazing woman who has truly faced the dragons in her life, and out of this has flourished in sensational ways. She has brought to light the most amazing methods of healing that she now shares with others.

Rosie Banyan: Born in the late 60's Rosie grew to learn the mask worn by dysfunction. Living mostly in her head, Rosie thrived in an academic world of Finance and Business. Rosie's bubble of reality burst just after the birth of her fourth son. A wave of post-natal depression debilitated and forced her to look at the horrors of her sexually abusive childhood.

Reeling from the blocked pain and memories, Rosie sought answers to who she was and how she had become a slave to the numbness required to survive. Each time Rosie experienced a healing method that helped her, Rosie studied and became qualified in that field to then help others. She became a Bowen Therapist, Reiki and Seichem Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist using NLP methods, Journey worker and Intuitive Healer.

Rosie's connection to Spirit as a Medium and Psychic was ignited. Once Rosie's heart finally cracked open, her passion then flowed from her pen onto the many pages that followed sharing her own journey of self-discovery ... and her very own unique method of assisting others to heal.

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