Alchemy of Healing 1: How Music Heals

Alchemy of Healing 1: How Music Heals!

The truth is, our levels of happiness and success are in direct relationship with our ability to heal all that needs to be healed within every area of our lives. It would be wonderful if it was just a matter of whizzing off to a doctor or a financial planner or a relationship counsellor etc, and having things ‘Fixed'. All these are wonderful people and offer great practical/physical solotions on what you can do to help certain situations, but believe it or not, none of these people really get to the heart of the problem that lies within, they simply place a bandaid over a much deeper issue hidden from view. All of these practitioners work in the physical realm and look at the physical outcomes that need fixing, but to create effective and long lasting healing actually takes going within to take a close look at our spiritual wellbeing ... core beliefs, perceptions of life, emotional wellbeing, self worth and self esteem just to name a few.

Healing certain aspects of our lives can take a lifetime. On the other hand, if we are open to exploring alternate modalities, we may be pleasantly surprised.

This week's show will be focused on the Healing Power of Music. Now don't go running away thinking that I am speaking through a hole in my hat and that music is not going to heal what you need healing. Well, that's where you could be oh so wrong! How about you take a listen first and then make a decision ... you may be extremely pleasantly surprised!

  • Why music has the power to heal
  • How it works
  • What the ancients knew that we are only just discovering
  • The benefits to using music as a method of healing

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