Alchemy of Healing 6: Do children hold the key to healing the planet?

Alchemy of Healing 6: Do children hold the key to healing the planet?

This is our final show in the series 'the Alchemy of Healing'! And for today, I have the perfect guest. A beautiful lady who is passionate about healing our planet in so many ways. Christine Watts is such an inspiration in the way she lives by her principles making sure that she is doing her part within the huge task of healing our beautiful Planet Earth. I guess I don't really need to explain that as we step into a space of caring for the environment, we naturally care for self and for all those around us ... people, plants, water, and the animal world. There is so much to be done, but if each of us takes responsibility for how we treat the world around us, then one by one we can really create enormous change. And there is another benefit to all of this! As we focus on caring for our environment, we take our minds off all the negative stuff that may be happening in our lives and bring our attention to how we can give and serve ... and this always creates healing big time.

For this week's show, we are going to shift our attention to the children of this world. Do children hold the key to healing the planet? Well, they certainly are our future, but if they are not given the encouragement and guidance needed, they too will very quickly forget what they new to be true as they first arrived here, and slowly slid into believing many of their elder's misguided perceptions and beliefs. So how do we prevent this from occurring? We look to beautiful souls such as Christine Watts who is making sure that children are given wings to fly! Wow! Sounds great doesn't it?

This is one show you really don't want to miss!


Guest: Christine Watts is the author of the highly successful program - Children Create the World. She is an educator and artist who comes from the heart in all that she does. Christine is dedicated to empowering people in their visions and hopes of creating a positive, hopeful and healthy future world. Her engaging workshops and presentations inspire participants to create positive changes in the way they think, feel and act towards themselves, the environment and each other. As an experienced and enthusiastic teacher, Christine employs consciously chosen activities to support and encourage participants to bring their own inner wisdom to the world. Through her beautiful creativity and sensitivity, Christine encourages people to allow their heart light to shine through everything they do with confidence and grace.


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