The Ins & Outs of Defining Your Life Purpose Week 3!

The 'Ins & Outs' of defining Your Life Purpose - Week 3!

So far in this series, I have shared with you your over-riding purpose, (which is the same for all) the fact that you do get a choice, that your purpose changes with each season of your life, and how to create your very own one of a kind designer journey ... and heaps more along the way! But, there are still a number of things I need to share with you today to complete the picture. I certainly don't want you to get this far but not give you the final ins and outs of defining your purpose and living the happiness and success you so deserve. Life presents enough challenges as it is without us creating more! LOL By knowing and understanding the process of figuring out why you are here and what you came to do makes the journey so much easier and more enjoyable. You see the thing is there is a huge difference between knowing something and truly understanding it! ‘Knowing' is simply knowledge and as I am sure you know that anyone can gain knowledge on a subject ... this simply takes study of some kind. ‘Understanding' is a whole different ball game! Understanding means taking action and ‘doing'! How many times do I hear from my clients, ‘yes, I know' and yet their lives are not changing for the better. Yes, they certainly have the knowledge but they are not putting this knowledge into action in their lives. Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes.

So for this week, I would love to share with you some great ideas to make sure you have the ‘understanding' as well as the knowledge. These are all the action steps you can take to make sure you are really zooming into the year ahead armed with all you need to make it the best year ever! WooHoo!

I promise these are very easy steps that anyone can take, and please note that these are all the ‘how' questions we often ask ourselves.

  • How to create your personal Vision
  • How to make 1 incredible life changing decision
  • How to live from the heart
  • How to design your journey
  • How to allow manifestation
  • How to enjoy the journey

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