Coping with Change Week 2!

Coping with Change Week 2!

This is our second week on the topic - Coping with change! This is such an enormous topic and one we are all needing to face at this time in the history of our planet and for each of us as individuals. Oh my goodness me ... you can feel it in the air and all around you everywhere at the moment ... or is it just me??? I really don't think so ... well not according to the number of people who tell me of their concerns about not coping with things that seem to be appearing out of left field which have them trying to figure out how to go about getting through the changes that are showing up in their lives.

Last week we looked change from a global perspective, but this week I would like to take a closer look at how we can handle change from a more individual perspective. By putting into action a few simple ideas, you will be able to jump headlong into change shouting ‘bring it on'! LOL Now that could be a very interesting sight! We want to get to the stage where change is no longer something we fear, but, as I explained last week, something we can adapt to and really see as an exciting challenge that opens new doors to a world that is filled with a far more peaceful and joy filled way of living.

For this week, I will be covering:

  • Why does change occur?
  • How often can we expect change? Every season brings change
  • How do we recognise the need for change?
  • Do we choose or is it chosen for us?
  • And the all important question ... how do we thrive in the midst of change?

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