REAL WOMEN: Empowering Others by Empowering Self 6!

REAL WOMEN: Empowering Others by Empowering Self!

In this current 6 week series on REAL WOMEN: empowering others by empowering self, I have been blown away by the honesty of the beautiful women I have been interviewing. They have shared from the heart all the challenges they have faced and how they have overcome these to create their unique vision for life. In the process, whether it be consciously or not, they have changed the lives of so many others. Each woman has followed a unique path and yet each has displayed many of the same characteristics in arriving at their destination. Everyone of them made a decision to live their unique giftedness. Everyone of them faced the fears around this and stepped out regardless. Everyone of them showed courage, determination, persistence in breaking through the barriers they faced. And all of them, without exception, found amazing strength from within to share their gift with the world. My final guest in this series also carries these traits and has chosen to embrace them fully on her journey to living her vision.


Michele Keenan: Michele is a Law of Attraction Success Coach who works with results-driven women helping get the results that exceed their deepest dreams of financial success without sacrificing or giving up what matters most to them.

Michele has spent the past two decades working with the Law of Attraction which helped her
grow her first business offline and achieve consistent multi-six figures within her first year.
She now runs Spirit for Success Coaching from her home in beautiful Cronulla Beach Sydney. Mother to three adult children, she enjoys swimming yoga and daily mindset walks on the Beach. 

Michele shows women that they too can have a highly profitable passion and purpose driven business without sacrificing an amazing life by becoming aligned with who they are, and leaving behind the money blocks and self limitations that stop them achieving financial abundance and a happy healthy life.

To discover more about Michele:

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