Goodbye Failure - Hello Success Week 2!

Goodbye Failure - Hello Success Week 2!

This is our second week on the topic - Say Good bye to Failure and Hello to Success! And this is absolutely the perfect time to make the decision to die to the old and rebirth yourself into a brand new way of living the happiness and success you deserve. Last week I talked quick a lot about the absolute necessity for knowing what success means for you and having that very clear in your mind and your heart ... as I mentioned numerous times, without a clear focus on what success means for you, then nothing much will happen! Without the goal posts set in place, you won't know where to kick the ball! LOL

During this week's show I would love to share with you how to go about defining your unique success ... the type of success that is just right for you! Once you really define this aspect of your life, a new energy will surround you, and all that you do, and success just has to happen in magical ways. You begin to step into your brilliance and all those beautiful diamonds within that have never before seen the light of day will begin to shine their light to the world.

Time to become crystal clear on your unique kind of success. I know some people will be saying that they would be happy with even little time success but let's all just set our minds and hearts on big time success!

So for this week, I am going to focus on these areas which are absolutely essential to creating fabulous outcomes.

  • Defining YOUR unique brand of success
  • What happens when we try to follow others footsteps
  • Understanding the difference between the creative plane and the competitive plane
  • What it means to be of service
  • Build YOUR belief in what you offer the world
  • Know your niche - don't try to be everything to everybody!
  • And one last secret!

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