Publishing 101 - Week 1!

Publishing 101 - week 1!

My goal this week is to uncover that secret desire you have about writing so that you take out pen and paper and get started immediately on producing an amazing book or other writing product that you will love and proudly share with the world. This can be quite a scary thought if you have never entered the world of publishing before ... and so many people love to tell about their awful experiences with attempting to become a published author. The truth is, if you know where to start and have a few guidelines to follow, namely those shared by experienced authors who have walked the talk, then you too can safely cross the waters and land victorious!

Okay, so to become a published author you actually have to write something! LOL As I said earlier. This is where successful publishing all begins ... yes, it can be quite daunting but if you listen to the strategies that I have to share with you now, the task will naturally flow and before long ... as a number of people have asked me ... you will be asking, ‘how do you know when you have written enough?' Yes, the words will flow so easily and effortlessly that you won't have any trouble filling each chapter.

I thought I would begin at the beginning by giving you some hints and tips on the actual writing of your book or whatever you are wishing to create in the world of writing. Start with a great product and you can't help but succeed! I will be covering ...

  • How to make sure your writing zings
  • Aligning your writing with those who will hang on every word
  • Make the process easy
  • Getting the help you need

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