Publishing 101 - Week 2!

Publishing 101 - Week 2!

I know everyone's experiences of publishing are very different, but probably the very best way that I can assist you with strategies and know-how, is to share with you my own personal experience of entering and dealing with the world of publishing. During this series, I am going to be interviewing a number of different authors who will all happily share with you how they have taken their books and had them published ... we will all share with you what worked and what didn't so you can make the decision for yourself what will be the best avenue for you. May I suggest you listen to each before making decisions on how you will go about it. The more knowledge you have before you begin will definitely have you avoiding many of the pitfalls associated with having your work published and marketed. And yes, there can be lots of heartache as myself and the other authors will share with you ... so let's make it as easy as we can for you!

How do we do this? Today I am going to share my story and my experience around publishing in the hope that it will do just that! I am going to be chatting about:

  • Publishing house Vs Self-publishing
  • How these differ
  • Publishing myths
  • The truth around marketing
  • And more!

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