Publishing 101 - Week 4!

Publishing 101 - Week 4!

Yes, I believe we all have a book within us, but for many, the thought of firstly writing that book is one thing, but then actually getting it published can be not only daunting but absolutely overwhelming! In saying this, it would be such a pity if you left that beautiful book inside you and the world did not get to read what you have to offer. Remember, we all have a unique gift which only we can offer the world ...  we came to do this ... this is our purpose in life!

So, throughout this series, I am hoping to assist you in bringing that dream of writing to the surface of your heart and get started on your very own book or whatever written product you wish to publish.

My guest this week is highly successful author Angela Counsel. As with my guest on last week's show, I am going to ask Angela to tell us about herself and her fabulous book, which is an Amazon Bestseller, and then I have lots of wonderful questions to ask of Angela! I know her responses will be really helpful so you can make informed decisions when stepping into writing and publishing.

Angela says: I love learning how the mind and body works and sharing what I know with other women.  I could talk about health and mindset forever. In fact my kids often tell me to shut up because they think I am ‘banging' on too much about bodily functions or questioning their words and beliefs.

Having worked as a clinical naturopath over the past 10 years, I have seen the impact that high levels of stress has on women's businesses, relationships and health.  I have made it my mission to teach women about what stress is, how it affects them and how they can reduce stress in their life.

Each year I choose one or two words which become my theme words for the year.  This year my words are fun and connection, so you will see that I spend more time having fun and making great connections with other women.

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