HyperStress, Anxiety &PTSD: Week 1

Hyper-Stress, Anxiety & PTSD: Week 1 - Recognising the Cause of Stress & Anxiety

The common denominator with the majority of the population today seems to be Stress with a capital ‘S'! It seems that a greater majority of the population is trying to cope with a world that has created amazing technological advances in so many areas of life, but has not taken into consideration the extra demands this seems to place on everyday lives.

But there is an even greater issue than what we might call the everyday stresses that come with living in our current fast-paced world and the societal expectations that are placed upon us. This is a much bigger and deeper issue which is now known as PTSD ... post-traumatic stress disorder. We really need to get our heads around the fact that major anxiety and stress is not just something experienced by the military, or 1st responders. Yes, this is certainly a huge issue faced by all of society, and that is why I am going to be spending the coming weeks sharing with you all that I possibly can to help us deal with, and heal, this major worldwide problem!

You see, the big issue is that most of us are walking around with the outcomes of particular life experiences which have not been effectively addressed, and we don't even recognise the effects. For the most part, these just get pushed down and under to fester, and often grow into serious health issues, relationship issues and financial issues. From a personal perspective, I certainly lived with a form of PTSD for many, many years without really knowing or understanding that the anxiety I was experiencing was not normal.

What am I saying here? Any form of PTSD is a huge problem in the lives of ordinary people who have gone through any type of battle which has left them reeling from the experience. The symptoms may not be quite as obvious, but believe me they are certainly there!

I look forward to sharing not only scientific evidence around this subject, but also interviewing a number of guests who can help us gain understanding into the world of PTSD.

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