HyperStress, Anxiety & PTSD: Week 2

HyperStress, Anxiety & PTSD: Week 2 -Vital news from Nanotechnology

Dealing with and overcoming stress and anxiety takes both courage and commitment, and I strongly urge you to find someone who can assist you in the journey to feeling free of feeling out of control with you and your life. Everyone deserves to live this way! From personal experience, I know that trauma can present itself without any warning, and the outcomes can devastate the life of individual, and their family and their communities. Even when we think we are ready to face it and succeed, as in my experience of a bush fire, the effect can be totally overwhelming! In this particular example, we knew the fire was approaching, and we knew we were to expect incredible smoke and heat, and we knew we had to prepare the house and its surrounds etc ... but when the fire front arrived with such force and speed, it was frightening to the extreme. It took me months to not react when I smelt smoke or heard the wind blowing.

I also understand that hyper stress and anxiety is something that can build over time. It seems to sneak in the back door and slowly invade our lives without us being aware of what is happening until the day arrives when we can no longer function enough to complete even the most menial of tasks. There just has to be an answer and a solution ... and there is!

This week I would love to bring you lots more news around this topic ... exciting news that I am sure will bring you hope, and a way forward. I am going to be discussing:

  • What PTSD is not!
  • VITAL GROUND BREAKING NEWS from Nanotechnology Science - not to be missed!
  • Are you prepared to let go of what you think to hear what is true?
  • One intervention technique that has gone through a ‘study' process, and been proven to be very successful in helping deal with the symptoms of Hyper stress, anxiety and PTSD

The link I speak about: http://assait.com/radio-techniques-research-interviews/


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