Hyper-Stress, Anxiety & PTSD: Week 5

Hyper-Stress, Anxiety & PTSD: Week 5

Unless you are living in a beautiful bubble protected from everything around you, then you will at some point in your life be faced with the reality of coping with stress. Now this can be the normal day to day living stress, or it can be major, major stress and anxiety brought on by a traumatic experience ... it does not really matter ... stress is stress no matter which way you look at it!

After having discussed how to recognise the symptoms of stress and hyper anxiety, and having shared with you the new breakthrough discoveries through nano-technology science, I would love to now share with you a metaphysical view of our current topic. Being a metaphysician at heart, I guess it would be rather strange if I didn't bring into the light some of the metaphysical truths that I know played an incredible part in my healing of the traumatic events that I have faced in this journey of life.

Remember, scientific evidence is now backing up what spirituals new to be true way back in ancient times. It is such a great time in the history of our planet when science and spirituality are now combining forces and helping us have a much greater understanding of who we are and how we operate in this Universe.On this week's show:

  • The essential hidden parts of you
  • Why you encounter trauma
  • Why certain people enter and exit your life at particular moments in time
  • How to find hidden gems within the rubble of trauma
  • And so much more

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