Overcoming Hyper-Stress & Anxiety: Week 7

Overcoming Hyper-Stress & Anxiety: Week 7 - Dealing with the Outcomes of Loss

So often when this subject is raised, we immediately think of the super serious end of the spectrum - military personal or fire fighters or police etc - and there are obviously very good grounds for this happening. But there are so many other reasons why people go through incredible stress filled times in their lives, and quite often, these get over looked, and consequently, the people involved shrink into a hidden world without the help and support they truly need. These are the beautiful souls that I would love to focus on in this show ... those who are experiencing or who have experience loss in some way, shape or form in their journey of life, and are not sure how they will survive the outcomes of their very personal traumatic experience of loss.

What I want to make very clear right from the outset: even though you may be feeling completely and utterly devastated, you are certainly not alone! There is always help to be found from around us and within us, but we must open ourselves to recognising and accepting the help when it is offered. Does this mean you are never going to feel all the emotions that go hand in hand with loss? Definitely not! What it does mean, that you have the personal ‘know how' tools, and power within you to lessen the negative outcomes of loss.

Okay, so what does this all mean for this week's show? Well, I am going to be discussing and hopefully giving you lots of insights and strategies to deal with your loss so that you can face life once more with a song in your heart and a tiny smile on your face:

  • What are the normal responses to loss?
  • How is your loss impacting you and your life?
  • Is it possible to find anything positive within loss?
  • How can you embrace loss & still thrive?

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