How to Build Greater Prosperity!

How to Build Greater Prosperity!

One way to experience this happiness is through living prosperity! I know it is often so hard to believe, but prosperity surrounds you in every moment of every day. Yes, it does! We simply have to open our eyes to see it, and as we observe it and focus on it ... and guess what? It begins to not just appear around us but also within our very own reality. I am absolutely certain, there is not one person on this planet who would not like to see something more in their lives. Could be something big or small ... but there will be something! How do I know this? Because this Universe is all about expansion and growth and the very best way it can achieve this expansion and growth is through you and me expanding and growing. This comes about through our dreams and desires. You see desires are a vital part of who we are ... they come from spirit. Now we can either accept them and focus on them and see them become part of our reality, or we can reject them and continue to live a longing that never ever seems to go away.

So, what is the trick to having your life filled to the brim with prosperity? Well there really isn't a trick, it is simply knowing and understanding you and your world ... what you are made of, what your world is made of, and how you get to work with this energy, and manifest all that you desire. For today, I will be focused on helping you:

  • Define what prosperity is for you
  • Making it okay to claim prosperity
  • And the steps you can take to fill your life with abundance

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