The Truth About Serendipity!

The Truth About Serendipity!

Now I am sure, if you are a romantic at heart like I am ... well, perhaps I am what you would call a hopeless romantic LOL ... then you will have seen the romantic comedy movie called ‘Serendipity'. You know, boy meets girl through a chance meeting, they have this instant attraction, then they are pulled apart to lengthen the story line, they eventually find each other again, and live happily ever after. But the whole storyline is based around the main female character believing in what she calls fate or serendipity ... and of course, there just happens to be a café called Serendipity! A real feel good movie if you love happily ever afters!!!!

This week, I am going to endeavour to help you to understand what you must do in order to have your very own serendipities in whatever area of your life you feel you are needing them. Once you know the steps ... you will be on a roll!

But, as with any type of learning, we really need to go back to basics first so as to grow an understanding of how it all works. So let's go back to the beginning!

  • What do these terms really mean?
  • How do we create serendipities rather than having to wait for them?

Yes today, we are going to take this word and explore it in such a way that we can begin to see this amazing word light up and become just a normal part of our daily living. WooHoo!

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