You are the Co-Creator of Your Life - Week 1

You are the Co-Creator of Your Life - Week 1

Yes, like it or not - believe it or not, it has now been proven scientifically that you are the co-creator of all that you experience in this life! I absolutely love talking about this topic because I know from personal experience that we can choose whatever we would love to express and experience, and then with the help of our amazing co-creation partner, we get to watch how it unfolds in our life in the most magical ways. Who is our co-creation partner? The Universe/ Source energy/ God/ Great Spirit ... whichever name best suits you and your particular journey in life.

On today's show I will be sharing with you the role that you play in co-creation, and role that the Universe plays. It is so easy to get these two roles confused and end up wondering why we are not getting the results we desire. Well, all this confusion will fade into nothingness after what I share with you this week.

My 'Walk On Water Moment' guest for this week is: Elissa Plumridge


Elissa shares with us her WOW moment which has everything to do with living her Truth. Finally, Elissa was able to share with the world what she had been hiding for years! And just wait until you hear what followed from this moment on! Great inspirational story.




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