Creating a Relationship with Your Inner Oracle

Creating a Relationship with Your Inner Oracle

This week I am chatting with the incredibly creative and talented Bill Bennett ... the creator of the movie

PGS - Intuition is your Personal Guidance System.

Our Personal Guidance System or inner oracle is always there for us. There is not a person here on this planet without the gift of intuition. Some have developed ways of listening and following this guidance, and some are still a little frightened to go there ... and either way it's okay. From a personal point of view, I could not live without that amazing inner oracle which always has my best interests at heart.

Bill Bennett:

In a career spanning more than thirty years, Bill Bennett has made numerous feature films and documentaries and won many awards, both in his home country of Australia, and internationally. He's won Australia's equivalent of the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director, and been nominated a further twelve times. Twice he's won Australia's equivalent of the Emmy for Most Outstanding Documentary. His films have been distributed through several Hollywood studios, and have screened at some of the world's most prestigious film festivals. He's been in Official Selection at the New York Film Festival, and had two films in Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival. He's won the Crystal Globe for Best Picture at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, and had three major international retrospectives, including the Chicago Museum of Art's Film Centre. 

PGS - Intuition is your Personal Guidance System

... is a 90 minute movie detailing one man's search for a voice that saved his life. The movie discusses what intuition is, how it works, and how you can access it. It details a five step process to tap into your intuitive powers.

For Bill, the three year journey making this movie not only took him to the furthermost reaches of the planet, it also took him to the innermost depths of his soul.

This is definitely a MUST LISTEN! You will love hearing what Bill has to share.

To find our more about Bill & his fabulous, life-changing movie please visit:


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