Behind every result is a 'Cause' created by us!

Behind every result is a 'Cause' created by us!


When we know it is time to ramp up our Spiritual Fitness, one of the very best things we can do is really grow our knowledge and understanding around all the Universal Laws that are working within our lives. Getting to know them and how we can actually work in alignment with these laws is paramount to our creating happiness and success. Regardless of how well you know this information, from personal experience it is always a great idea to hear it many times over ... this is how it sinks into our unconscious mind so we begin to put this knowledge and understanding on auto-pilot. It is great when we begin to live in accordance with these laws without even having to be consciously aware. Love it!

This week we are going to begin with what is considered the 1st law of the universe - the law of cause and effect. The Truth is that whatever reality we are experiencing at this particular moment in time ... whether we see that as positive or negative ... we have caused it to be that way. Yes, I understand if you are listening to this and thinking to yourself; ‘There is no way I have caused this! There is no way I would have created being broke and feeling so miserable! No, it is not my fault - this was caused by someone or something!' Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but, and I say this gently and lovingly, no matter what we may be experiencing and no matter what we think has caused it ... it is all of our doing. Now I promise that during this show I will help you understand why and also explain how you can turn things around so as to experience fabulous results ... the results that will put a smile on your face and a song in your heart! WooHoo!

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