Making Life Matter - Wm Paul Young

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Making Life Matter - Wm Paul Young

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Special Guests: Wm Paul Young

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What I thought was normal is really not normal after all?  Does this even matter? 

With the change of seasons and things heating up outside, am I the only girlfriend with questions like these mulling over in my head?

I didn’t think so…it is actually normal to assess our lives.  We may experience frustration if we seek perfection in our lives; yet, God has planted a longing for perfection in every human heart—a longing only God can fulfill. 

Join Patty and Lisa this week as they chat with their friend, and author of The Shack, Wm Paul Young.   Did you know Young never planned to publish a book?  Be inspired to focus on what matters most in your life—listen with us this week. 

Be ready to inhale what matters most about Jesus and the relationships we share in this life and exhale all that doesn’t matter.  Grab your coffee and glean from Young’s perspective to live one moment at a time and that everything that does matter in our lives is perfect!


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