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Love Is All You Need - Ken Mansfield

Thursday, January 31, 2013

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Love!  Do we over-use and abuse this word - or - do we not use and demonstrate love enough in our lives?

Patty has been candid with us about the pain surrounding the tragic death of her mother in recent shows and a piece of that story surfaced for her publicly last week with the death of the man who murdered her mother almost 13 years ago. 

My heart, and I am sure many other hearts resonate with the struggles Patty and Lisa have talked about before: How do we love those that are hard to love???

It is our commandment to love; specifically to love God and love others.

What message are you communicating on a daily basis?  What about when pain hits your path in life, is it harder to love? 

This week, Patty will be chatting with special guest, former Beatles manager KenMansfield.  And the Beatles really wanted to give the world a message when they came out with the song, "All You Need is Love." 

You won't want to miss hearing former Beatles manager, Ken Mansfield's fascinating story!   His unique story touches a world of decadence and gives glimpse into a life of success that few people can fathom.  And most poignantly a life that collides with a path of pain and comes crashing to the the foot of the cross, where he discovered love!

Join us and listen in to this Thursday's show.  And connect with us via Facebook, Twitter or our website and share your stories of Love...we would love to hear them! 

Remember...Love is all we need!



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