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Thursday, July 18, 2013

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Are you discovering joy in your daily?

In your ordinary?

In your mundane?

This question is comical because of what happened last week to my  daughter Paris.

Fourth of July has been a huge 30-year tradition in my family. Six siblings come together at a resort for a blissful 4 days of Utopia. It's common for us to run from room to room borrowing anything from pots and pans to coffee creamers. So when I wanted to scramble some eggs for Paris one morning with out a pan, presto, there is a frying pan in my hand as if it were a baton. Minor instructions were stated: "we just had eggs and bacon, you might want to rinse it out."

I thought to myself, "a little bit of bacon grease adds some flavor, this will be just fine."

The fine fluffy eggs were placed on a plate and handed off to Paris. She took one bite and her face torqued into a facial expression as she attempted to spew out the eggs. It was easy to negate her expression as being, "dramatic" as she was spitting and spewing. My children have often gagged when they taste my cooking so this is a common form of exaggeration in my household. But then she was finally able to let out an

out burst of, "There is soap in these eggs!"

My sis and I looked at each other and burst out laughing as we unpacked the scenario of how that could have happened. We realized that in the process of the baton-pan hand-off there was a little "Joy" sprinkled into the pan. That is Joy dishwashing soap!

This JOY kept us laughing and chuckling throughout the day and it most certainly will be one of those stories that will continue in my ‘lavish-cooking-legacy'.  

We all have stories that are unique, and we all have issues that might leave a nasty taste in our mouth. But this story is not about the nasty taste in our mouth, this one is to challenge you to experience the JOY in your daily.

We have a God that is crazy about us mess and all.  He is so crazy that He came so we could have an abundant life!

The difference of having joy and not having joy is how we see and experience the little things that God has blessed us with. These little things add up to major ordinary moments of life and become extraordinary experiences!

A challenge this week: As you do the dishes, go to work, make up the bed, clean up the clutter, or scramble some eggs, all the little things that are so mundane and regular . . . do it with appreciation and joy! Don't just go through the motions, put you whole heart into it and appreciate that you are capable to do these small miracles of daily because they do matter. When we give the little things our attention and gratitude we experience the joy in that moment.







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