Prophetic Dream 7.20.11 Coffee, Economy

From Dream Journal 7/20/11 Between 4-430AM



Awakened me.  Caused me to cry out in my sleep!

Dream vague at first because I tried to dismiss it.  Thought it was just a nightmare.  The Lord prompted me to write it down the next day now 7/21/11 around 11PM

Began to write it and details came back to me:

I was holding a jar of coffee, looked like a jar for preserves.  It was medium/standard in size.  The coffee was a rich, dark brown color.  As I looked closer at the jar I noticed movement at the bottom of the jar.  Some how I started to see between the coffee grounds, as though they parted and I began to see bugs in the coffee.  As I studied the bugs I was startled to realize they were Roaches.  They are “Roaches” I said, out loud!

I continued to hold the jar.  It began to change shape by shrinking in size.  The coffee disappeared.  Now the jar contained different kinds of bugs.  I saw Beetles, Spiders and other crawling critters I did not recognize.  One spider especially caught my attention.  It was like none I’ve ever seen.  I think it was upside down because I could see the underside of its butt body portion.  The butt was big and round.  The spider was transparent but you could see a red color inside the butt making it look more opaque in color and it had black streaks on it too.

I tried to keep the lid on the jar by holding it tight but the jar continued to shrink in size until it was the size of a petri dish, like they use in labs.  The bugs were escaping the dish.  As they escaped I noticed they were now clear in color, almost see through.  This color change made them hard to see.  This really frightened me!

I squeezed the petri dish tighter but then the dish disappeared.  Now I was holding a huge, flat, big butt bug.  It was upside down in my hand.  It was beige in color and had grooves/creases in the body.  I felt it moving and felt its’ leg moving and cried out in fear. (Very creepy feeling) I tried to dismiss it, told Chris I didn’t want to even speak it, it was so frightening.  The thought intervened “You will not perish.”  I shook myself as if to shake off the effects of the dream.  My Husband prayed and comforted me.  I fell back to sleep.

When writing the dream these thoughts came to me:


“Don’t like bugs of any kind”

From Prophetic Dictionary- Pestilence, A) Symbol of approaching or infiltrating demonic forces dispatched by occult tic means, such as sorcery, magic, incantations, witchcraft and other enchantments B) Sign of Gods judgment like locust, grasshoppers and such


Symbolisms/My Thoughts

·        Preserve Jar ( AKA Mason Jars)= Method of Storage

·        Coffee is a commodity/in abundance

·        Roaches, pest, ruin food, nuisance more than anything, represent uncleanness

·        Jar shrinking= losing storage space/loss of storage

·        Various kinds of bugs=pestilence/judgment

·        Petrie dishes used in experiments/labs/for observation/storage of microorganisms

? Remembered previous revelation about mass snow storm back on 2/1/11= White Horse spoken of in Revelation sent forth to conquer.  Third seal/Black Horse = Famine


Google Research:

Jar also computer term for many files

Mason Jar picture is computer symbol for “The rejection Jar” I have learned to stop worrying jar and love rejection jar

Jar, Wikipedia definition, a wide cylindrical container made of glass or pottery, especially used for storing food

Article found, Top Stories In Business, originally published 7/20/11, republished 7/21/11 at 735AM ( My dream occurred between these 2 dates)

The Wall Street Journal

Inside Track- Coffee Holding Execs Trim Holdings On Stock Spike


Gordon’s sale significant shares of their Coffee holdings, raised eyebrows, sends message to others may be time to sale too,

Take money off the table,

analyst says “unlikely company can continue to grow on back of skillful coffee trading contracts”

Gordon Brothers, 2 top executives at Coffee Holding Co (JVA) Stock poised to cool off.

My summarization of article: Some ones nervous about future of Coffee


Cont. research on Coffee/ Wikipedia

Commodity, Coffee- Top agriculture export for 12 countries in 2004. Worlds 7th largest legal agricultural export by value in 2005

Over 900 species of insects have been recorded as pest of coffee crops world wide. Over a third are beetles (roaches classified as beetles), over a quarter are bugs, some 20 of nematodes, 9 species of mites etc.

Brazil, largest production of green coffee in 2009 followed by Vietnam, Indonesia, Columbia, Latin America, East Africa, Arabia or Asia

Research Spiders: Google, typed in upside down spiders

Spider hangs upside down during periods of expansion/growth; they anchor themselves while they shed their exoskeleton

? Clear bugs represent new young, fresh hatched bugs. Often clear until they grow into their color


Judgment Continues in the Earth.  I believe the Lord is warning us of a famine soon to come, future problems with cultivation and storage of Coffee due to pestilence.  World wide impact!   Loss of crops equal loss of jobs, income, food and life etc.   His will not perish!

Be vigilant.  Store up dry goods but more than that, continue to walk in righteousness.  Those who have done so will be elevated and protected during this continued time of judgment in the earth!

He that hath an ear to hea, let him hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying to the Church!

Minister Diane Jones



Equipping The Saints Ministries      

PO BOX 1616 Clinton, MD. 20735             


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