Fanning The Flames

News headlines tell the true story of how sexual promiscuity negatively

impacts a society.  

Fathers abusing daughters, teachers accused of abusing minor students,

men abusing girls and the disabled.  

When a people says yes to sexual immorality they say yes to sexual


One exist beause the other exist.  One fuels the other.  

Should we cry for justice? Demand protection for our children?   This is

hypocricy!  We cannot demand protection from what we condone.  The


tells us a little leaven leavens a whole lump.  We can expect more

dysfunction, pain, heart ache and violations of our children due to the so

called strides being made to establish acceptance of what God says is


As the flames burn higher and the heat increases, remember sexual

abuse is only the residual effect of sexual immorality. Related Podcast

date 2-20-12

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