I would not wish my experiences on my worst enemy. The price for my stance costs me a great deal but it did not cost me my life.  I know that others paid with their lives to gain equality for Blacks in America and it is still a work in progress.

Before these things happened I believed racism was real. Now I know it is alive and flourishing in Central California.  I only pray that my story will somehow motivate others to examine the way they treat others and make some changes in their lives as needed.

Racism is a sin!. It is respect of persons. The Bible tells believers not to have respect of persons.  Do not say to the well dressed man, come sit here up front but then say to the lowly man sit here on my footstool. I am not saying that I am lowly.  I am not generalizing that blacks are lowly. I am simply saying treat all men and women as equals. No matter if we are believers in Gods word or not, we will all reap what we sow!

These are quotes from my book THE STORY OF ME A BLACK NURSE.  I relate very strongly to the issue of racism.  I am no stranger to being abused or dealing with the aftermath of abuse but I do not stop at "relating to abuse". I am doing what I can to oppose abuses in the various ways it rears it's ugly head.



This narrative is about the personal struggles of being a Black Woman and being a Black Professional in a society that is still bound with racial and gender bias.

Her stories navigate you through the career of a young woman who has hopes, dreams, needs, a purpose and aspirations but she faces constant oppposition to fulfilling and attaining these basic human requirements.

Like so many people of color before her, she achieves a certain measure of success but the measure of success is minor compared to what she must do to achieve it.


It is time for a change!

Also available www.authorhouse.com 

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