Like in the days of Noah 7 PM EST 10-21-13

Today has become much like the days of Noah.

In Noah's day men were multiplying in ungodly ways, having daughters who were rebellious, having abnormal relations with beast, Angels were taking women to be their wives, having abnormal relations with them, creating giants (hybrid beings) whom mankind considered to be mighty and renown.  

God had a different opinion. He said man had become greatly wicked, that the imaginations which came from his thoughts and heart were continually evil.  Mankind's wickedness was such that God decided to cleanse the earth from mankinds corruption, that man would no longer live hundreds of years i.e 365 to 969 years. His days would be shortened to 120 years so he would have less time to cause chaos and confusion. 

Today mankind is cloning, manipulating genetics, creating babys in test tubes, having and promoting abnormal relations i.e having sexual relations without the commitment of marraige, sexting, sex trafficking, sexually abusing and altering children, having same sex unions, making gods of men and godessess of women. The list goes on and on.  The men and women of Noahs day idolized the creatures that resulted from these ungodly, rebellious behaviors. People are doing the same thing today. 

This show continues to highlight the prevelance of sexual abuse/abuse of what God created the sexes (man and woman) for and reminds men and women of the consequences of such behaviors.

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